About Our Salon

We are committed to providing you with the best quality services with state of the art technology and our highly trained, skilled staff. We will make your visit a memorable experience. Escape from your busy schedule and indulge in one of our soothing spa packages.

It is important to us that our guests are in good hands. We understand that safety and a sanitized setting are the key to your peace of mind. All of our equipment is medically sterilized and disinfected prior to use.

In addition, each service kit will be individually sterilized for your visit. Our staff will follow the service procedures that have been proven effective to ensure your safety and lavish yourself in comfort.

Our Services

Full Service Spa for your

    Hands & Feet
    From Manicures to Pedicures
        to a Full Set of Acrylics & Fills.


We Also Offer a Variety of

    Waxing Services
    From Arms and Legs
        to Eyebrows and Sideburns.


Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions make your eyelashes thicker and more vibrant. They work to make your eyes bigger and more expressive. We apply a single artificial lash to each natural one.


Facial/Skin Care

At Orchid NAILS & SPA, our skin care experts offer a full range of facials designed to rejuvenate and revive the skin of the face, returning it to its natural texture and luminosity.


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